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Acupuncture and Bodywork to
Resolve Pain • Enhance Performance • Rehabilitate Injuries
Including Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA), Repetitive Motion, and Post-Surgery


With a great passion for sports and over two decades of experience working with adult and youth athletes, Keith has helped them heal from injuries and prepare for the next game or meet. Whether you are a swimmer, extreme sports athlete, runner, wrestler, or compete in track and field events, Keith will help you recover from injuries and enhance your performance moving forward.


As an active musician himself, Keith is well aware of how repetitive motion of any part of your body can lead to both chronic pain and acute injuries. Whether a guitar player, ballet dancer, or an animation artist using a computer for long hours, helping your body break bad habits and old patterns is what Keith does best.


For over 25 years, Keith has been helping people recover and rehabilitate from general accidents and motor vehicle accidents (MVA’s), and addressing (and in many cases resolving) pain that results from new and old injuries and surgeries. Whether an accident occurs on the job, in the kitchen or back yard, or in the car, Keith will help restore your body to a pre-accident or pre-surgery state so you can return to doing what you love.

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) and Workers Compensation

Keith will do more than help you with your injuries. He will take care of all billing, claims and communication with the insurance company of motor vehicle accidents and workers compensation claims.

You are suffering enough from your accident. The last thing you need to worry about is paperwork and red tape.

injured person dealing with insurance paperwork

Extensive Experience Using Acupuncture and Bodywork to Address

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) • Acute and Chronic Injuries • Pain • Postural Problems • Biomechanical Dysfunction • Gait Abnormalities • Pre/Post Surgery Support • Sleep Disorders • Digestive Support • TMJ • Headaches • Plantar Fasciitis • Frozen Shoulder

Keith understands that everyone is a complex and dynamic individual, as unique as a fingerprint. He has the highest regard for your individual needs and will listen, even after others have stopped.

Working with Elite Youth Athletes

Keith has a great passion for using acupuncture and bodywork to help young people rise up to their best and excel in their sport and game. Watch this video to learn more about his philosophy.


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What People Are Saying About Keith

Truly a magician! I have been seeing Keith for almost a decade. Our session yesterday was a whole new level of mind blowing. Be it mental, physical, physiological, addiction or dysfunction, Keith can help you!
Robin Sampson
Robin Sampson
June 24, 2022.
Keith at Flying Needle is the best! I came to him after a car accident that left me with whiplash injuries in my back and neck, he helped me through the process with massage and I came so far since the accident. Would highly recommend for injury treatment and also day to day life stress!
Jordan Thurston
Jordan Thurston
May 26, 2022.
Keith is an excellent body worker. I have gone to see him for hip and back pain and he has worked wonders at alleviating my pain! He is highly skilled in energy work, massage and acupuncture.
Leisel Guy
Leisel Guy
June 25, 2020.
I have been seeing Keith for over 4 years now, initially sent to him for a sports injury from my Dr. who was also a patient of his. He has helped me through a variety of issues ranging from sleep issues, menopause symptoms, stress, and a wide variety of sports related injuries. He is approachable, compassionate and not judgmental. Can’t praise him enough!
Jane Crisan
Jane Crisan
December 5, 2019.
My experience with Keith has been outstanding. As an avid distance runner, I came to him suffering from debilitating lower leg pain. Thanks to Keith, I now run pain free! His energy, bedside manner, concern and knowledge are all fantastic. Highly recommend!
Matt Kurtz
Matt Kurtz
May 8, 2019.
Keith has helped with numerous issues, tennis elbow, sore ancles, and more with orthopedic acupuncture, dry needlng and deep tissue massage. I wish there were more than 5 stars to give. He is a SUPER STAR!
Christopher Moore
Christopher Moore
February 20, 2019.
Excellent body work to help me recover from lower back pain.
Chip Gettinger
Chip Gettinger
March 2, 2016.
I've been seeing Keith for 10 years. In 2002, I was in a head on collision with an SUV while on a bike. I never really healed properly from that accident. He's helped me address the deep, old injuries and also helped correct my posture, which had been a great source of pain for many years. Now I see Keith about once a month for maintenance. You won't find a more caring, professional, extremely well trained and adept massage therapist who's got acupuncture in his tool bag. I HIGHLY recommend him and his work.
Christopher Thombs (teapoet9)
Christopher Thombs (teapoet9)
February 24, 2016.