Stress – Stress has been linked to a number of debilitating conditions like cancer, heart disease and MS. Massage Therapy is the best way to manage stress and tension inherent to daily living.

Painful and tight muscles – massage acts directly on your tight muscles and their nerve receptors, stimulating the nervous system to eliminate residual tension and flush the muscles of built up waste products and toxins.
Chronic pain – Over time pain can form a self feeding loop which persists long after the original cause is resolved. Massage Therapy can break this cycle and instill a new feedback loop of healthy and efficient movement patterns.

Injuries – Massage Therapy can treat injuries by reducing inflammation, increasing circulation and restoring flexibility. Regular Massage Therapy can promote faster recovery time and reduce scar tissue.
Joint Restriction – Massage therapy can work directly on the soft tissues of your joints to remove any capsular adhesions, stimulate the production of natural lubrication, and relieve pain.

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